“She’s an outsider who has broken down barriers…”


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Priyanka Chopra has carved a place for herself within the walls of Hollywood (Image credit: Instagram)

Priyanka Chopra has achieved what every star in the world strives for – to be on the cover of Vanity Fair. She is featured on the cover of the February 2022 issue of the magazine, internationally acclaimed for both its in-depth articles and cutting-edge photography.

Unveiling the cover, Vanity Fair tweeted: “After a journey in ‘The Matrix,’ the actress enters 2022 with a cup overflowing – reflecting on her storied career in the Hindi film industry, her marriage and the journey for herself in Hollywood.” The cover features a sultry Priyanka looking artfully messy in a off-the-shoulder cream ruffle dress by Fendi.

The magazine, previously edited by prominent journalists such as Tina Brown and Graydon Carter (who is played by Jeff Bridges in the movie How to Lose Friends and Alienate People), is now run by Radhika Jones, an American Indian.

The Vanity Fair cover story continued, “She’s an outsider who has broken down barriers and made a place for herself inside the walls of Hollywood. Now she is on a mission to welcome others.”

Priyanka, notes the article, which traces her life story from her days at Army Public School, Bareilly, will finally be starring in films like she had in India, with the rom-com Text for You and the ambitious spy series from Amazon. Citadel’ later this year.

And speaking of her own story, particularly her rise to stardom in Hollywood, Priyanka says, “It took a lot of work to get people’s attention and to accept the fact that someone like me could be the lead in a Hollywood movie.” Motion pictures.”

She adds (and the feeling will resonate well at home): “There are very few of us from South Asia who can do that. I hope the role I play in it pushes it a little bit.”

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