Nicolle Wallace shreds Lindsey Graham for telling McConnell to kiss and make up with Trump



Nicolle Wallace didn’t hold back as she accused Senator Lindsey Graham of bowing and worshiping Trump and throwing Mitch McConnell under the bus.

Introducing Graham, Wallace urged McConnell to enter into a “working relationship” with Trump, saying: “ It turns out his loyalty Trump never really let up as evidenced by an appearance last night at Sean Hannity’s Show on Fox News where he is again bent, adored to disgraced ex-president. This time by saying that the 2024 nomination is his if he want it and by throwing his leader, Mitch McConnell, below the bus, McConnell say it is Time to kiss and make up with one Insurgent if you will remain the leader.”

After playing Graham’s comments, Wallace continued: “What is a work relationship with the de-platformed, under criminal Investigation, loser even look like? What does that even mean? “

Graham urged McConnell to give up all claims to power and worship Donald Trump. The problem is that Mitch McConnell may love power more than anything else in the world, so the odds of approaching Trump on bent knees are essentially zero.

Nicolle Wallace asked a great question. What exactly is McConnell supposed to be working on with Trump?

Trump is out of office. The former president has no power and is banned from social media. Without Fox News and the constant uplifting of worshipers like Lindsey Graham, Trump would be neighbors in political Siberia with Sarah Palin.

McConnell has real power while Trump is the magician telling Lindsey Graham not to look behind the curtain.

The situation is as absurd as it is potentially deadly for America.

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