$HERO tokens are very trendy. What about the ANCE?


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$HERO tokens are very trendy. What about the ANCE?

Heroes of Crypto is a new exciting competitive game. The team built it on the Ethereum blockchain where all users can earn $HERO tokens and rewards as they play. In addition, players have the opportunity to collect items and become collectors. $HERO is the main currency of the Heroes of Crypto ecosystem. Players must use it for all purchases on the network’s own marketplace.

Along with earning $HERO, players can collect and level up their items. They will mint additional items and skins as well as unique Heroes of Crypto heroes from the marketplace. Additionally, $HERO is the platform’s governance token. The team decided to represent all in-game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFT). Users can export them and trade them on an open marketplace.

The company will launch the token on January 20, 2022. However, the sale ends on January 27, 2022. The total supply of tokens is 100,000,000,000,000, but only a certain percentage will be available for purchase. The platform accepts ETH and USDT in exchange.

What other advantages does this platform offer?

According to the team, players can collect, buy, sell, and save their characters and costumes as NFTs. You will also use these NFTs to buy and sell in the marketplace. Such an opportunity is unique to Heroes of Crypto. It puts players in a potential deal, turning them into buyers, sellers, or collectors.

The player can also mint a rare NFT collectible for the price of $HERO they own. So more $HERO means more valuable or rarer NFT collectibles. This is how players earn money while playing while enjoying the game on Heroes of Crypto platform. By choosing sides and characters, players will find themselves in close combat.

Each selected character has their own unique costumes, powers, and story. The player can even make a correlation between their chosen character’s story and themselves. In the game Heroes of Crypto, Vitalin, under the leadership of Vitalin, forms the Vitalians Corps, the most famous of the Rahor Legends. They are against the Elions led by Shor’s legendary war machine called Elion The Musketeer.

Besides the thrilling storyline with competitive battles, the company offers users great features. The play-to-earn model is probably the most important. Users lead their heroes into battle and collect $HERO tokens as well as valuable NFTs and rare chest rewards. You can also get rewards just by playing any of the game modes like PvE and PvP. The platform will also generate additional revenue by incorporating game-fi elements (liquidity pool, yield farming) into the game.

$HERO tokens are very trendy.  What about the ANCE?

What about honor roll prizes and daily token rewards?

A player who achieves Honor Roll status with accumulating rewards can win additional native tokens and rare chests. In addition, the company distributes $HEROs to players in set amounts on a daily basis. According to the team, the player who logs in every 24 hours without disrupting the game will also receive rewards. However, additional rewards may require users to make certain progress, complete the given daily/weekly quests, select the game’s player, and win victories.

In addition, Heroes of Crypto has decided to open its doors to competitors. The strategy that users create depends not only on hero power, but also on player skills such as dexterity, composition, planning, and communication with their team.

The Crypton is the heart of both teams’ bases. Users must first destroy the enemy Crypton if they want to win the game. Also, the team must clear at least one lane to reach the enemy’s crypton. On this lane they meet the defensive towers of the opening teams and Neero. Each lane has a Neero and three towers. Two defense towers are particularly important as they protect Crypton.

There is also the Amazone area, which is located between two lanes. Unique creatures and epic dragons await players there. Killing these units will give the player and their team power-up for a period of time. The platform offers five different roles to form a compatible team. Heroes with detailed functions are available for each lane.

What is the company’s goal?

Heroes of Crypto aims to create a gaming ecosystem where millions of players can turn their gaming passion into NFTs and tokens they can actually own. The team has embarked on this adventure to create the world’s most popular MOBA game by combining the blockchain and gaming industries.

In addition, it is committed to creating a fair ecosystem for gamers. Team members believe players should own their own assets and have full access to what happens to them. Additionally, players should be able to participate in an open market and receive rewards for every value they contribute to the ecosystem. The goal of the company is to offer all this to its users.

What about the AnnihilationCE ICO?

Annihilation Mobile Gaming created the $ANCE token as the native token of its universe. The team developed this token to offer many utilities to all participants in the game. $ANCE has diversified utility companies. For example, players can use it as the main currency for the in-game marketplace. The team believes that Defi users should enjoy actual ownership of gaming assets in virtual space. This allows them to trade their characters, emotes, weapons, and skins with $ANCE tokens.

In addition, people with $ANCE can register for tournament participation. The platform will offer numerous tournaments and events. Some are free to attend, while others require registration to attend.

Annihilation Mobile Gaming rewards players with a $ANCE token for winning tournaments, completing quests and other in-game activities. The company aims to become a big proponent of free-to-play and play-to-earn games.

The team plans to launch its native token tomorrow, January 14, 2022. Sale ends on January 21, 2022. 50,000,000 ANCE tokens will be available for purchase during the initial coin offering priced at $0.020000. That is 5% of the total supply. The Company intends to raise US$1,000,000 with the sale and will accept BUSD in exchange for ANCE.

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