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Karrion Kross was released last November (Photo credit: Instagram / realkillerkross)

Karrion Kross, a self-made superstar at NXT, suffered a downfall when he was added to the main lineup of RAW. The evil character, who gained tremendous popularity on the show, has been changed in crazy ways. Now a released Superstar has spoken out on whether he’s ready to rejoin the WWE.

As we mentioned above, Kross’ successful character has gone through many changes and ultimately there were no takers for him. With WWE fond of mass layoffs, many saw that Kross was about to be released. Unfortunately, this happened much earlier than expected as he was released on November 4, 2021.

Now, while speaking on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight show, Karrion Kross shared his views on whether he is ready to rejoin WWE in the future. Interestingly, he didn’t rule out the possibility and gave some compelling reasons. He said, “I wouldn’t be surprised. I would not return respectfully in the same circumstances, just from a logical point of view. I definitely think that I would be interested in a lot more certain things. “

Karrion Kross continued, “I think one of my biggest mistakes in general was taking pride in working with joy no matter what I do. I like to create that good energy that is going around and often I should probably be a little more confident when I think something is a bad idea. “

Aside from his creative fulfillment, Karrion Kross shared that he is thinking about the economic needs of himself and his family, especially in times of Covid.

“I think this time around in this particular situation I was really concerned that I might have to return to an economy that is still recovering for lack of better words. I think about my family, I think about people I have to take care of, who I want to take care of. I think about my future and working for WWE has been the best place to secure things like this, ”he added.

Kross’ testimony suggests that he is optimistic about his return. We hope he returns to WWE very soon!

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