The country’s largest patient registry for pancreatic diseases is launched


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Seqster, a San Diego-based healthcare company looking to compile comprehensive patient records, announced Tuesday that it is partnering with the National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) to build the nation’s largest dynamic database of pancreatic disease patients. The database could advance cutting-edge research faster than conventional methods.

Seqster’s technology will power the registry by connecting patient data from handheld / remote monitoring devices, genomic DNA testing and EHR in real time. The company’s platform gathers data from a range of sources for their patients, enabling more comprehensive, coherent care.

The registry is designed to benefit both patients and researchers. First, patients with pancreatic cancer and other diseases such as pancreatitis will have real-time access to their comprehensive longitudinal health record, as will their providers. In particular, the database could act as a comprehensive tool for collecting health information from a wide variety of devices and from multiple providers, allowing for more coherent care.

“Now is the perfect time to create a dynamic patient registry as Seqster has the technology to capture real-world (RWD) data in real time to enable new knowledge and accelerated drug discovery. The longitudinal health record is extremely valuable for both patients and research, ”said Ardy Arianpour, co-founder and CEO of Seqster in an email.

Pancreatic cancer is the third deadliest cancer in the United States, accounting for 3% of cancer cases, according to the press release accompanying the partnership announcement. The register could bring the pace of research forward.

“NPF’s new registry, powered by Seqster’s technology, is a true leadership initiative that leverages an industry-leading patient-centric platform and enables our institutional partners to analyze, visualize and query the leading data,” said Jane Holt, co-founder from NPF in a press release. “This will lead to a deeper understanding of novel therapies, predictive biomarkers and significantly improved patient outcomes.”

Arianpour also stressed that the patient registry would protect patient privacy.

“We built our software and infrastructure from the ground up with privacy and security in mind,” said Arianpur. “Our servers are hosted on a fully HIPPA-compliant platform that has been certified to the strictest security standards in the healthcare industry, including HITRUST. Our technology is more secure than the EHRs found in most hospital systems, which often use rather outdated encryption for data storage. “

While this would enable research and speed drug development in pancreatic disease, Seqster has other partnerships aimed at accelerating clinical trials. The Japanese company Takeda, which has a stake in Seqster, also has a partnership agreement in which it uses Seqster’s platform to attract patients and enroll them in clinical trials.

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