Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t have all of the DLC on PC yet



Monster Hunter Rise is out now on PC, but if you’re coming from the Switch version, you might not be able to find your favorite cosmetic flair on Steam right now. Capcom has informed players that it will take a little longer for everything that came out for the original version to get to PC, which in turn may affect the availability of certain DLC bundles in the hunting game.

If you visit the Steam page for Monster Hunter Rise, you will find that 100 pieces of paid DLC are already available. These range from multi-layer armor pieces that you can wear anytime to outfits for your Cahoot and Palico. There are a lot of choices out there, but buying them now could mean missing out on a better price per item in a bundle, but these haven’t hit Steam yet.

You can purchase Monster Hunter Rise DLC packs from Nintendo eShop that include layered armor, makeup looks, voices, pet outfits, and more. These items are discounted as part of every package. Capcom says the packs will appear on Steam as soon as every single item arrives on PC.

In other words, if you are planning on shopping for a lot of cosmetic extras for your Monster Hunter Rise hunter, then you should wait until more of what is available on Switch becomes available on Steam.

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