President Biden has just accused Trump of attempting a coup



President Biden accused Trump of attempting a 2020 coup during his Georgia suffrage speech.


President Biden accuses Trump and the Republicans of attempting a coup: “Forces that have attempted a coup. A coup against the will of the American people by fueling doubts, rejecting allegations of fraud and trying to steal the 2020 elections from the people.”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 11, 2022

President Biden said:

The violent mob of January 6, 2021, authorized and encouraged by a defeated former President, tried to get my way Violence what he at the. had lost Ballot box.

To enforce the will of the mob. To overturn a free and fair one Choice and first time the first time in american Story to stop the peace Transfer of power. They failed. They failed., But democracy is victory was not and is not certain Future of democracy. That’s why we’re here today face the forces in America that overestimates power Principle. Forces who attempted a coup. A coup against the will of the Americans by sewing doubts, Fraud charges, try to steal the 2020 Election from the people. They want chaos to rule. We want the O people to rule. Let me be clear This is not about me or the vice President Harris or the Party. It’s about us all. It’s about the people of America.

The corporate media are still dancing around the 1/6. Too many of them call it a “riot” or a “riot”. Too many in the press have refused to do what Biden just did.

Biden accused Trump of attempting a coup.

President Biden was right.

We hope Biden’s words break the media’s shy fear and allow them to refer to 1.6 and the weeks before for what it was.

Donald Trump attempted a coup, and Joe Biden isn’t afraid to say it.

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