Ron DeSantis stays cool while Donald Trump fires warning shots


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It’s fascinating to watch Donald Trump try to distract Gov. Ron DeSantis Arrives at the pass before 2024.

It’s kind of like the presidential soap opera before the storm. While DeSantis’ mouth did not announce his intention to seek the presidency, his actions seem to scream that he wants to try.

He’s flown to high profile Republican gatherings across the country and meets with potential donors while basking in the warmth of polls that say conservatives love him. Plus, he’s got as much free airtime on Fox as he’d like to tell you how great things are in Florida.

However, the squire of Mar-a-Lago continues to hold onto many Republicans who are seduced by his fable of a stolen election into a suspension of disbelief.

If Trump told his flock that up is down and the moon is made of cheese, they would believe him. He told them that a few months after the pandemic started, the coronavirus was magically going to POOF, and when it didn’t, the same people blamed the media.

Even so, it wouldn’t surprise me if more than a couple of GOP kingmakers told DeSantis to stay cool while they work behind the scenes to make sure their Frankenstein creation isn’t up and running again. However, we should have learned by now that no one is telling Trump what to do, especially the Florida governor who Trump believes owes his political success to the former president.

Trump has mentioned this a couple of times, and he repeated it in a recent interview with the radio host in South Florida Brian Mudd.

“I think if I run he won’t.” Trump said. “I know they are trying to create friction that I believe doesn’t exist at all. It could, you know, you never know. If he wanted to run, that’s fine with me. I think we’d win a lot. But he’s good. And he did a good job as governor. “

Let’s get one thing straight. If DeSantis ran for the nomination against Trump, the big guy would definitely not be okay with that.

DeSantis played this wisely, however, letting others ignite the President’s flames while he himself stayed above the fight. Before he can seriously think about 2024, DeSantis must win re-election as governor next year, which he prefers to do. However, COVID-19 and new variants could have a lot to say about it.

There are other factors as well.

Trump’s age could catch up with him – he will be 78 by inauguration day in 2024. Nor is it a picture of fitness. And who knows how the legal investigation into his taxes will go? Until then, he could be charged with something.

Meanwhile, DeSantis continues to store goodwill and cash.

Could Trump be right that if DeSantis runs in 2024, he will stay on the sidelines? Today’s simple answer is yes, but Trump is clearly keeping an eye on his protégé.

“It’s far down the street. It’s not something I plan to do, ”DeSantis said during one Fox News Channel Appearance.

That’s what they call a non-denial-denial. Allegedly, Trump wants a public promise from DeSantis that he will not run if the big one goes into the race.

DeSantis’ answer: grilling.

Read whatever you want into it.

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