Is Henry Cavill’s Geralt corrupted, manipulated by the hands of Anya Chalotras Yennefer?


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Henry Cavill Reveals His Character Geralt Is Corrupted By Yennefer In Season 2 Of The Witcher (Photo Credit – Filmstill)

After almost two years of waiting, the second season of Witcher will appear on Netflix on December 17th. Fans seem unable to control their excitement as new storylines, and the characters’ futures appeared to have emerged in the show’s teaser. The main hero Henry Cavill, who plays the protagonist Geralt, gave clues about the fate of his character.

Here are the details:

Before the release of the second season of the Netflix fantasy fiction series Witcher, Henry Cavill mentioned in an interview with Lorraine Kelly that his character Geralt will have a more soulful temperament this season. With all the complexity, Geralt is expected to get louder.

Well, that seems like a pretty kinky oxymoron for the witcher!

Cavill has hinted that his character won’t lose his basic nature of killing monsters with rudeness, but this time Geralt will be more emotional. The behavioral change in Geralt’s character will potentially result in him being manipulated and corrupted by Yennefer for their own benefit.

Both Geralt and Yennefer are unlikely to be allies, although they share a history.

The world of Witcher is insecure and based on survival of the fittest, and as we saw in Season 1, Yennefer went a long way in manipulating Geralt.

She had cast a spell on him by kissing him, but Geralt’s bond with her kept her from dying in the hand of the Djinn. Since Geralt saves her through a wish, both are now magically connected to each other.

The couple are attracted to each other, but happiness wouldn’t keep them together.

Perhaps this season we will see Yennefer manipulate Geralt and regain her fertility that she sacrificed to gain powers.

So many questions and theories will unfold in drama season.

We can’t wait to know if Geralt and Yennefer’s fate will ever be entangled, but it will be great to see Geralt’s emotional transformation.

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