Random: Want to be on a Ring Fit commercial? You can if you are based in the UK


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Nintendo rolled out the ads in preparation for the Christmas rush, but what about the post-Christmas “Oh no, I ate too many mince pies”? Well, we of course have Ring Fit Adventure which is back available after this early pandemic onslaught.

But the advertisement for “Buy Ring Fit To Work Off That Christmas Calories” hasn’t shot yet. Casting agency Kate And Lou + Ro Casting is currently looking for “People who like to incorporate Ring Fit into their home training routine and families who enjoy playing and exercising together with Ring Fit” to have an ad in their to shoot own house.

Do you own a Nintendo Ring Fit? Do you use it to keep fit? We are looking for individuals to use Nintendo Ring Fit for a commercial campaign.

This is a paid opportunity.

APPLY: https://t.co/6eOv4oJh4I#RingFitAdventure #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #casting #castingcall #fitness pic.twitter.com/RQk9VQNuqW

– K&L + Ro Casting CDA CSA (@KateandLouCast) December 7, 2021

There seems to be a small loophole, however – the casting application seems to imply that it will also accept people who have played Xbox Kinect. But this is a Nintendo website so we definitely cannot approve of such behavior. On the other hand, a Kinect game just came out …

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