Amazon documentation on the chronicle of William Shatner’s space journey on Blue Origin



Why it matters: William Shatner was the oldest person to reach space when he boarded Blue Origin’s New Shepard NS-18 in October. From the moment Shatner got out of the trade that day, it was clear that he had just experienced something special. Soon he’ll be sharing the journey in a new documentary for Amazon that will premiere later this month.

Shatner announced the special during a recent virtual panel for CCXP Worlds, which sounds a lot like Comic-Con, but for the movie industry. The one-hour film accompanies Shatner as he prepares, experiences and processes his journey into space on October 13th.

Shatner said his time in space was the most profound experience he could ever have imagined. “This particular documentation of my trip gives a dramatic insight into this experience, and I hope it inspires the world to realize that we have to go into space to save the earth.”

Glen de Vries, Audrey Powers and Chris Boshuizen accompanied Shatner on the journey into space. Less than a month later, on November 11th, de Vries was involved in a plane crash in which he and 54-year-old Thomas Fischer were killed. Fischer owned a flight school, and de Vries was a private pilot with an instrument flight rating. Investigators have not yet said who was flying the plane at the time of the crash.

A final report detailing the cause of the crash could take a year or more, noted an NBC subsidiary.

Shatner in Space will be available on Amazon starting December 15th in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Other regions will get the special in early 2022, they say.

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