The Oakland County attorney says law enforcement doesn’t know where the crumbleys are



The manhunt continues as Oakland County District Attorney Karen McDonald says law enforcement doesn’t know where the Crumbleys are.


Oakland County Attorney Karen McDonald said law enforcement officers currently have no knowledge of where the crumbleys are.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 3, 2021

McDonald told Nicolle Wallace of the MSNBC: White House deadline: “We’re not doing this at the moment. The defendants’ lawyer has – is in contact with the Sheriff’s office and they have it was said that they intended to do so appear. However, we have announced fees to today at noon. It’s almost six hours later now and they have yet to show up. “

The Crumbleys claim they are not fleeing, but the police do not know where they are. The school rifle’s parents left town. You have no contact with law enforcement agencies. They missed their indictment. Police say they will go to jail after being arrested.

The parents have no chance of attachment because they have proven through their ancestors that they can and will flee.

If a defendant misses a charge and law enforcement cannot find him, he has fled.

The crumbleys will be found and they will be behind bars.

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