I prefer Pfizer stock to Novavax


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Seres Therapeutics: “You’re a younger person and you’re new and I think you can buy it. It’s too speculative for an older person because the company doesn’t make any money. I like your call, though.”

ViacomCBS: “It’s fine. I think the whole business is under attack. You can mention any of these. I think it’s just fine. I mean, it’s going well, but it’s just fine.”

Novavax: “They came like gangbusters. We all thought they were going to be the same. I like Pfizer. Pfizer has the pill on the rise too. It’s the cost-effective way. I feel safe at Pfizer.”

ODP Corporation: “No, I can buy anything I want from Amazon. I don’t need this company. This is an Amazon roadkill.”

GrowGeneration: “Well, we had Grow in our teenage years and then when it hit the 40s and 50s we said, ‘We have enough. We made too much money, don’t be greedy.’ Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs are slaughtered, and we said sell and have never looked back. “

Canopy Growth: “At this point I would make $ 9 I think [be a buyer]. My problem here is that this wasn’t a good quarter. It’s not going very well. … I don’t like the cannabis business. I just don’t. I think it was an over the top business, similar to what we’re seeing right now in the gambling business, which is just brutal. “

Palantir: “Cult-Share, Cult-Share, Cult-Share. The Cult-Shares don’t work, OK?

ContextLogic: “We actually think this company is a decent company and they are throwing it away. I mean, you buy it for $ 3, can it go to zero? I think so, but it’s good [speculative play]. “

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