Nintendo Switch System Update 13.2.0 is now live, here are the full patch notes


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Super stable

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After some pretty exciting firmware updates like bluetooth audio support, dock updates and the release of the ‘Expansion Pack’ tier for the NSO, version 13.2.0 is focused on stability improvements and improving the overall user experience.

Here are the full patch notes courtesy of Nintendo’s official support site:

Ver. 13.2.0 (Distributed November 30, 2021)

– General system stability improvements to improve the user experience.

Nintendo Dataminer OatlmealDome has revealed some additional information about this latest update:

[Nintendo Switch System Update]

Version 13.2.0 is out. The official patch notes say “stability”.

The component “nim” (among other things responsible for communication with N servers) and the overlay applet (shows notifications in the top left) have been updated.

Probably just bug fixes.

– OatmealDome (@OatmealDome) December 1, 2021

Have you downloaded the latest switch firmware update yet? Do you notice anything else? Leave a comment below.


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