Zoom video, carnival, peloton, moderna: what can be seen on the stock exchange today


WSJ.com: Markets

Global markets will take a hit on Black Friday amid concerns over a new variant of Covid-19 – but some big names are getting a boost. Here’s what we’re watching:

  • Covid-19 vaccine makers Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax jumped as pandemic fears gripped markets.
  • Investors appeared to be positioning themselves for more nights, with Netflix and DoorDash stocks rising. Peloton also enjoyed the prospect of more time at home.
  • Airlines and cruise lines once again took the brunt of fears about possible new travel restrictions. Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean all lost ground.
  • Accommodation companies like Marriott International and Airbnb also suffered from the darkness.
  • According to a report by Bloomberg News, China’s regulators are urging Chinese ridesharing company Didi Global to remove itself from the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Bitcoin’s dollar rate has fallen 8% since Thursday, and crypto stocks like Coinbase and bitcoin miners Marathon Digital and Hut 8 Mining fell with it.
  • US crude oil prices are down 7% and energy producers including Occidental Petroleum, Devon Energy and Diamondback Energy have suffered sharp declines.

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