Matterport is democratizing access to digital twins with major expansion in the UK and US


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Spatial data company Matterport is democratizing access to digital twins by expanding its coverage in the UK and US by 55 percent.

Digital twins support the digital transformation of the built world by enabling companies to manage their assets in real time using virtual counterparts.

Research has shown that digital twins have resulted in real estate listings closing 31 percent faster, vacation rental conversions increased by up to 12 percent, and the time it takes to plan, build, and / or remodel properties by 50 percent.

One customer is SplitSpot, an apartment rental platform. When COVID-19 prevented personal demonstrations. Digital twins enabled SplitSpot agents to show 20 to 40 apartments per day – an increase of up to 400 percent compared to face-to-face presentations.

Matterport Capture Services uses a professional camera system and skilled technicians to create immersive 3D digital twins within 72 hours.

Cameron Stewart, Director of Sales and Partnerships at SplitSpot said:

“Appointments can be made online quickly and easily, and the capture technicians have exceeded my expectations – they are personable, helpful, professional and highly qualified.

The service saves us the cost and time that we have to physically travel to or hire someone in the market before we are ready months. “

The latest addition to Capture Services adds 20 UK and 16 US cities to the existing coverage area.

In Great Britain the newly covered cities are: Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Canterbury, Cardiff, Colchester / Ipswich, Dover, Glasgow, Inverness, Kendal, Margate, Newcastle, Newport, Nottingham, Northampton, Norwich, Oxford / Swindon, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent, Swansea and York.

Over 100 cities are now covered in the USA. Any company in coverage areas can now schedule an appointment with a Matterport Capture technician to digitize their rooms in a minute or less.

“It is exciting to see that both loyal and new Matterport customers trust Capture Services On-Demand to digitize their spaces,” commented Brendan Dowdle, General Manager of Matterport Capture Services.

“We are excited to expand the reach of On-Demand to meet the growing need for Matterport digital twins around the world.”

(Photo by Pan Yunbo on Unsplash)

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