Battlefield 2042 will receive fixes for bullet proliferation, revives, and more this week



Battlefield 2042 players will see an in-depth patch this week that will help address some of the most pressing issues facing the FPS game. Update 2 will be out on November 25th and includes some initial fixes for bullet propagation (especially assault rifles), better resuscitation of soldiers, some vehicle adjustments, and more.

Dice says more full patch notes will be available on November 24th, but the focus of Update 2 will initially be on correcting the low accuracy of many of the Battlefield 2042 assault rifles. Across the board, you should see less scattering using a sight while driving, and many weapons should also be more accurate when zooming in and standing still. Dice says that if you speed up your shots, bullet spread will decrease faster. So you have good reasons to use the semi-automatic or fast burst fire mode.

Update 2 will also introduce improved soldier resuscitation, meaning you shouldn’t have any more problems resuscitating a teammate who was shot down near a wall or other object. The update adds a new respawn protection system and enables UAV-1 interaction in the Battlefield portal that was originally available on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps, now that it’s been toned down a bit.

Both the LCAA hovercraft and the MD540 Nightbird vehicle will get nerfs in Update 2, and all weapons except shotguns will get a dispersion reduction.

Update 3 will include some user interface improvements, better matchmaking and friend invitation systems, and fixes to the progression system. That is slated to arrive in early December and will also make some fixes to the Battlefield 2042 rendering system, its maps, the Battlefield portal, Danger Zone, Conquest, Breakthrough, and more.

You can read more about the near-term Battlefield 2042 roadmap on the official website.

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