Richter banned MSNBC but allowed Tucker Carlson to a safe area to film the Kyle Rittenhouse documentary



The same judge who banned MSNBC from the courthouse had no problem leaving Fox News and Tucker Carlson in a safe area to shoot a Kyle Rittenhouse documentary.

CNN reported:

The judge banned MSNBC from the courthouse but left Tucker Carlson in a safe area to make a documentary about Kyle Rittenhouse.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 20, 2021

The Rittenhouse defense attorney told CNN that he disagreed with the cameras in the security area, but the documentary, aka Fox News and Tucker Carlson, paid for its defense. I did not agree to that. I threw her out of the room several times. I don’t think a film crew is suitable for something This. But the people who grew up the money for the experts and pay the lawyers tried to raise money, and that was part of it. “

CNN also reported that the Carlson / Fox documentary crew was given access to a secure areaSome of them, Jim, some of the crews and people to do so were in the Courthouse and footage of the third floor where Kyle Rittenhouse stayed for for security reasons, had a security Crew stayed away from the public. Access given through the rear Area. Go upstairs and catch this Footage in this too Documentary.”

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MSNBC was banned from the courthouse because a freelancer drove too close to the jury car, but Fox News is given special access to secure areas and the courthouse to make a documentary about Rittenhouse, and the judge has no problem with that.

Given these facts, it is clear why so many Americans believe the Rittenhouse trial was a show trial that the prosecution never stood a chance.

Either way, it looks like the game has been rigged and the scales of justice tipped firmly in the direction of Kyle Rittenhouse.

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