Britney Spears’ beau thanks her for putting him on the menu and says: “I only live my life”


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Britney Spears’ beau thanks her for putting him on the menu and says, “I only live my life” – Deets Inside (Photo: Instagram)

The pop singer’s fiancé, Sam Asghari, broke his silence after Britney Spears’ Conservatory is over and said he was absolutely certain she would win her lawsuit.

“I’m so happy for her and as good as I could be a backbone for her, but it’s all up to her,” Asghari told Variety. “She was a stone. She inspires me. She loves her fans. So, you know, all of the fans and their efforts somehow make this possible. So I’m happy for her. “

Sam Asghari said he “absolutely” believes Britney Spears would win the lawsuit. “It is amazing for me to feel the love for her and to see how many people love her because she gave so much love to other people,” he said. “You just give it back to her.”

As well as helping with their wedding planning, Sam Asghari also pursues his acting career. He recently appeared on Black Monday after appearing as sexy Santa on Hacks. He also has a role in “Hot Seat,” an upcoming thriller starring Mel Gibson and Shannen Doherty.

“I just live my life and have a great moment,” said Sam Asghari in his conversation with Variety. “And I just want to thank (Spears) so much for putting me on the map for everything else that’s going on in my career.”

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