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The US Constitution states that persons who hold US office cannot accept foreign titles unless they have the approval of Congress. But Harvard professor Mark Tushnet says the likelihood of their approval is “very small”.

He said, “I don’t think it has ever happened before.

“I think the chances that Congress will allow her to keep her titles are very slim.”

But he added, “Technically … she could run without giving up her titles, and could even serve if she is elected if Congress approves.”

However, he said that keeping the title would be “politically harmful”.

Prof. Tushnet continued: “For practical reasons, however, she would have to forego her title in order to run for election.

“Politically, I think it would be pretty damaging if she kept the title.

“Opponents will pick anything up, and this will be a hook to say, ‘Well, she’s not really American.'”

The policy is set out in Section 9 of the US Constitution.

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US politics professor Richard Johnson told that the Duchess’ celebrity status would help her “bypass the normal ways of getting into politics.”

He said, “I think Americans are very interested in British royalty and the US public pays a lot of attention when it comes to stories about the royal family.

“There is some record of prominent politicians doing pretty well in the US.

“Apparently [Meghan and Harry] are based in California and California has produced Ronald Reagan, an actor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor. “

This comes amid mounting speculation about whether or not the 40-year-old Royal might run for US office in the future after drafting an openly political letter to Congress advocating paid vacation.

Meghan, however, defended her decision to deal with the issue, describing it as “humanitarian” rather than political.

Speaking to the New York Times Dealbook, she said, “Look, there is certainly a precedent in my husband’s family and the royal family not to get involved in politics.

“I mean, paid leave is just a humanitarian issue from my point of view.”

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