“Dr. Oz” likely enters the GOP Senate race in Pennsylvania and causes severe heartburn among party leaders



Pennsylvania is a purple state with an open Senate seat due in 2022, a must-have for both parties.

However, one party, the GOP, does not seem to get out of the sand to start the race. According to an article in today’s Politico, Senator Sean Parnell, the party’s “lead candidate” (Trump backed) is in a high-level custody case and has been accused of domestic violence by his estranged wife. Not ideal.

“It is ripe for someone to parachute and take it,” said former Pennsylvania Republican Party chairman Rob Gleason.

Entering this skirmish, the once respected – but now cackling duck, the television doc “Dr. Ounce.”

From a democratic standpoint, Oz is clearly exactly what the doctor ordered as a solution for a party that simply refuses to get serious; They feature another half-star known for selling snake oil and a newbie to anything political, running for a seat in a large state that Republicans consider a must-see. This is exactly what you should expect from a party today that is simply not serious, even in a must-win state:

Competition is crucial for Republicans: they must hold the seat vacated by Senator Pat Toomey to regain control of the Chamber, and in theory they should be able to. Inflation is high, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is falling, and the party swapped Democratic seats in this month’s elections, including in critical suburbs on battlefields. A net win of just one Senate seat would put the GOP in control.

Not the scenario in which you want to let your hopes rest on a political newcomer, a high-flyer, and a controversial one at that. Ordinarily, Republicans could rely on Trump and the fact that Trump supports Parnell, but Republicans fear (rightly) a backlash against a man accused of beating his child.

The weak “leader” created a barrage of reasonably viable candidates who enabled Oz to jump in and follow an increasingly established pattern. (Trump himself, “Dr. Ronny Jackson,” Sen Coach TommyTubberville “), someone with a name and a bombastic attitude, no political experience, but the ability to sell what MAGA’s supporters want that day.

Oz speaks the language because he’s used to fixing stubborn problems quickly, easily, and clich├ęd, be it in medicine or politics, two disciplines that he has been mixing for some time. But he is hardly welcome at experienced party politicians:

“I don’t know of a single politically active person in Pennsylvania who doesn’t get paid and wants to join this effort,” said a Republican strategist from Pennsylvania, adding that the “pretty universal answer was ‘LOL'”. Nobody who thinks that solving the Sean Parnell problem would be Dr. Oz is. “

Yes, but that is exactly the problem with the MAGA-GOP. They are now attracting a crowd that awaits the semi-conspiracy theoretic, science-doubting, overconfident, over-promising / subscribing type. In this sense, Dr. Oz fits perfectly into a culture that Trump and the rest of them knowingly and intentionally built.

And that’s exactly why the GOP is concerned. Oz is also a perfect fit to be defeated by a political professional who knows how to define issues people care about and address them coherently. If only the Democrats could find one of them …

Jason Miciak is a political writer, writer, writer, and lawyer. Originally from Canada, he grew up in the Pacific Northwest as a dual Canadian-American citizen, for which he is more grateful every day. Now he enjoys life as a single father, writes about the beaches of the Gulf Coast and takes advice from his beloved daughter and teammate. He’s pretty much the dreamy mystic who can’t add anything and loves dogs more than most people. He also enjoys studying cooking, theoretical physics, cosmology and quantum mechanics. He likes pizza.

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