Kevin McCarthy loses it when asked why only speaking out against Trump is punished



Rep. Kevin McCarthy couldn’t hold together when asked why Republicans are only punished for speaking out against Trump?

Video from McCarthy:

Kevin McCarthy is clearly upset and raises his voice when a reporter asks, “Why don’t Republicans feel compelled to impose some kind of punishment on one of their members for doing these other things that the Democrats have been so upset about?”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 18, 2021

McCarthy was asked: “Why is it the only one? Republicans will punish one of them their own members for it Congress speaks out against Donald Trump? “

At first he tried to pretend: “I don’t understand you” Question. “

The reporter tried again: “The only Republican member” who was somehow punished with the – is Liz Cheney – “

McCarthy began to dance: “Has she lost a committee? “

The reporter continued, “She lost her role in the Republican Conference I know you were there.”

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McCarthy played semantics, “You won’t be punished by this” She lost an election. Everyone goes to vote the time. No bases there. “

The follow-up question came, “Why don’t Republicans feel? forced to hold any kind of Punishment for each of them Members on one of these other Things that democrats have were you so upset about it? “

McCarthy raised his voice. “Let’s talk about it. Democrats were so upset over, they were upset when Maxine Waters told people – With all due respect, I will Answer your question in Way i like the Right to.”

McCarthy first tried to pretend he didn’t understand the question. After that failed, he tried to change the subject. When that didn’t work, he started arguing with the reporter.

The American people are beginning. The only criminal offense in the Republican Party is speaking out against Trump.

Kevin McCarthy reveals himself to Trump’s puppet, and he doesn’t understand that Donald Trump is getting power on his knees, like having no power at all.

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