Tempus has launched a high-level token. What about CHAIN ​​LIST?


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Tempus has launched its high-ranking token. What about CHAIN ​​LIST?

Tempus launched the ICO of its native token on November 16, 2021. This future yield tokenization and fixed rate protocol have great potential and their token is trending right now. 70,000,000 TEMP tokens are on sale during the initial coin offering at a price of $ 0.510,000. That is 7% of the total supply of coins. The company accepts USDC in exchange for TEMP.

According to the team, most forms of high yield farming on this platform will return a variable rate of return. This means that depositors are subject to unpredictable fluctuations in their returns. Nowadays the Defi-Market does not offer an easy and efficient way to get a fixed rate of return or to speculate on the pending rewards. Tempus decided to change that, however. The company has three different use cases. Each of them offer a unique value proposition. For example, users can determine their future yield by using a supported yield bearing token. You will also be able to speculate on the future return on such a token. The platform also provides liquidity. Users earn additional swap fees when depositing supported YieldBearingTokens.

There’s also TempusPool – the most important smart contract in the log. It currently contains all blocked earnings value tokens. And customers can use TempusPool to mint principals and yields on deposits as well as burn them when redeeming them for YieldBearingTokens.

How do these pools work?

In Tempus, each pool has specific unique properties. The team defines it by the supported YieldBearingToken and the maturity time. According to the company, each token can have several pools with different terms. In addition, each YieldBearingToken has a different underlying protocol (Compound, Aave or Lido). On the other hand, each underlying protocol has a separate pool implementation. The team implements TempusPool methods specific to each protocol. Tempus currently supports Compound, Lido and Aave. However, the team is working on adding additional integrations.

The company also stressed that the TempusAMM smart contract is an integral part of its protocol. This contract enables customers to exchange yields and principals for one another and to provide the platform with liquidity. As a result, they can earn liquidity provider fees. The team pairs each TempusAMM with a corresponding TempusPool.

The company currently knows much less about the value of returns in initializing a pool. However, the plan is to check the exact value of the rate of return that will accrue in a pool over time. When the due date is reached, Tempus knows the total value.

The platform also implemented TempusAMM as the Stableswap type of AMM from Curve. It has specially designed stable pools for swaps between stablecoins or coins whose value is the same.

What is Chainlist.finance and how does it work?

Chainlist.finance is a relatively new platform that allows users to launch their NFTs on different blockchains. It is compatible with cross-chain blockchain as well as cross-chain social media.

This company offers several new and updated features that are unique in the Defi market. In addition, various areas of improvement are examined in this project. Nowadays, social media isn’t just limited to entertainment. Many people have won from it, and the number of these people is only increasing. Some users are already monetizing social media, while others are just creating content as a hobby. Chainlist.finance offers both categories in order to receive a passive income opportunity via its platform.

Additionally, the trading volume of NFTs increased in the third quarter of 2021, reaching $ 16.67 billion. This means that an artist on the Chainlist.finance platform can earn an average of up to 50,000 US dollars. Customers will also be able to convert their digital content into NFTs. And you don’t have to bother creating a digital wallet or buying native tokens and using them to create NFTs. The company offers users the ability to easily convert their digital content into non-fungible tokens.

Chainlist.finance plans to use its NFT bridge and offer interoperability to its users. This allows traders / customers to buy and sell on different blockchain marketplaces without moving their coins to different crypto wallets.

The team also mentioned that once users have their social media accounts authorized using the Chainlist app, they can mint, buy, and sell NFTs. However, if users don’t want to connect their social media accounts, they can convert their data directly into NFTs.

What about the features of Chainlist?

The company offers a variety of interesting functions. It offers metaverse with augmented and virtual reality. This metaverse will enable influencers and their followers to host and participate in virtual events. Customers can ask their celebrities for personalized content.

Chainlist.finance also offers stakes. Customers can use the company’s native $ Clist token for this purpose. This platform is decentralized. This means that token holders can use their native Coin $ Clist to participate in the governance structure of the platform.

In addition, token holders can access multiple blockchains via the cross-chain interoperability function using the Chainlist NFT bridge. You will be performing transactions on different blockchains with a single wallet. In addition, this wallet works via the Chainlist NFT Bridge. Using one wallet instead of several is a huge benefit.

The company also has compatible applications for desktop and mobile devices. It aims to provide better user experience for its users. So the team decided to have their own open source code on github. That means third-party platforms can adopt scalability and ease of use within the open source ecosystem. You don’t have to write code yourself from the start. Instead, they can take it from open source.

What about tokenomics?

The team has already minted chainlist tokens in the Binance Smart Chain. The total token supply of Clist tokens is 1 billion. Of this amount, 5% is reserved for private sales, 30% for pre-sales and 20% for the initial liquidity pool.

Chainlist aims to create an integrated space for blockchain and social media platforms. She wants to provide a passive source of income for social media users. The team plans to do this through non-fungible tokens and staking.

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