Steve Bannon reveals why he should be in jail by trying to spark a civil war



Steve Bannon showed why he should have stayed in prison after his surrender by trying to start a civil war.

Video from Bannon:

The accused criminal Steve Bannon describes the Democrats as “enemies of the United States”.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 16, 2021

Bannon said: “We’re going on the offensive. We respond to everyone Detail like you guys have behaved as enemies of the United States of America. Enemies of the United States of America. Gloves are off. We’re going all-in on this thing and we have so many patriots coordinated with us. “

Steve Bannon’s language was intentional. He promised to go on the offensive, go all-in and have patriots behind him.

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It certainly sounds like one of Trump’s coup plotters is trying to mobilize the Republicans to attack America because when Biden talks about being insulted against the Democrats, he is talking about the people who both branches of Congress and control the White House.

Steve Bannon should never have been released unconditionally if he tried to incite political violence. Bannon belongs in jail. His release enabled him to endanger national security and democracy.

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