MP Paul Gosar’s sister says he was a co-conspirator of Trump’s coup and should be expelled from Congress



Jennifer Gosar said her brother was a co-conspirator of Trump’s coup and should be expelled from Congress.

Video by Jennifer Gosar on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

Jennifer Gosar says her brother was a co-conspirator in Trump’s coup and should be expelled from Congress: “Based on all of the information we have learned, I believe my brother a co-conspirator of the coup attempt is the most appropriate next step. “

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 17, 2021

Gosar said: “ But for everyone Information we learned i think my brother is a Co-conspirators in the coup Attempt. I think displacement is the biggest thing corresponding next step afterwards but certainly, blame and Scrap stripping is good Beginning.”

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There is ample evidence that Rep. Gosar was involved in the 1/6 coup conspiracy. Jennifer Gosar also said her brother is interested in being reprimanded. He won’t be embarrassed, but losing his committee duties is a consequence that will be important to him.

The 1/6 committee will likely name many Republican House names, but these people cannot be expelled from Congress without a 2/3 vote in the House, which requires Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans to support their kicking own members.

The chances that spineless McCarthy would ever impose the country on his desire to be a speaker are nil.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to punish Gosar, but if you want to know why he’s still in the House, ask Kevin McCarthy.

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