Trump wades into the race between members and members in West Virginia


Donald Trump

“Mooney did an excellent job as a Congressman in West Virginia,” Trump wrote in a statement. “In fact, he recently spoke out against the Biden administration’s dire ‘non-infrastructure’ plan, and he defied Aug.

McKinley defended his vote for the infrastructure bill in a recent comment in the West Virginia Gazette-Mail, promoting the “significant investment in hard infrastructure: roads, bridges, sewers, water pipes, broadband to all counties, flood control and modernizations.” to our aging power grid. “

A Trump endorsement will give Mooney a huge boost in a district that Trump scored more than 20 points. West Virginia lost one of its three Congressional seats in redistribution, forcing Mooney and McKinley into the same district. Both have vowed to re-elect each other.

Mooney also has a cash advantage of over $ 2.5 million compared to McKinley’s $ 630,000. But the new West Virginia 2nd District encompasses more of McKinley’s current northern panhandle district than Mooney’s current lawn in the western panhandle. And Mooney’s roots in the state were weak – he moved from Maryland to run for Congress in 2014 and overcame the carpet excavator attacks.

Later on Monday, Trump endorsed a second House GOP incumbent: Michigan MP Peter Meijer. He supported former Department of Housing and Urban Development officer John Gibbs, who launched a campaign against Meijer last week.

Meijer, a first-term elected lawmaker, came into conflict with Trump just 10 days after serving in the House of Representatives and voted to indict the then-president for his role in promoting the January 6 riot in the Capitol.

Trump nominated Gibbs to director of the Office of Personnel Management last year, but his nomination stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

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