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A helper for Mike Pence when he was vice president claimed she was told not to listen to the music from Taylor Swiftfor someone high in the Trump administration to find out, disapprove, and fire them.

Olivia Troye.

Olivia Troye. Photo: Jeff Mason / Reuters

Olivia Troye was Pence’s advisor on Homeland Security, Counter Terrorism and Coronavirus, but left the government before the election defeat and established a media presence as an anti-Trump Republican.

Speaking to MSNBC last week, she said she was listening to Swift’s music in her office when a coworker said, “Are you trying to get fired?”

“Because you’re blunt in meetings or what for?” Troye said she answered.

“I don’t think she’s a fan of Trump,” Troye said, her colleague replied, referring to the star. “And if anyone hears that, you should really be careful. You should be careful there. “

Troye spoke after Atlantic published an excerpt from Betrayal, a new book by Jonathan Karlin which ABC Washington’s chief correspondent describes the alarm elsewhere in the Trump administration when an unnamed but subordinate adviser “liked” a social media post advocating Swift Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Karl writes: “The first photo in the mail was from Swift with the word vote in big blue letters over it. But a swipe revealed a second photo of Swift carrying a tray of biscuits emblazoned with the Biden-Harris campaign logo.

“… It didn’t matter that nearly 3 million other people liked it, or that the young woman was a Taylor Swift fan who liked pretty much everything Swift had ever posted. For the executors of Trump’s loyalty, this was a sign of betrayal in the ranks. “

White House Chief of Staff Mark meadows is supposed to have said, “We really can’t let our people like posts that promote Joe Biden.”

Karl’s coverage, in this case, of efforts to instill loyalty to Trump, spearheaded by his close adviser Johnny McEntee, is quite remarkable, as is the rest of the book the Guardian read.

See here for an interview with Karl from our own Washington boss, David Smith, and here for a review by Lloyd Green. Treason will be published tomorrow.

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