H2O, PLACE, GM and TALK tokens are in the spotlight


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H2O, PLACE, GM and TALK tokens are in the spotlight

Trickle announced that it will launch its ICO on November 16, 2021. Sales will end on November 17, 2021. 6,875,000 H2O tokens will be on sale and the price will be $ 0.045000 during the first coin offering. H2O is the project’s native utility token and will bring many benefits to its holders. However, the company will only sell 1.375% in the first stage.

Trickle is an open source smart contract archive. The team designed it to be integrated with substrates. The project aims to simplify user access in Defi and to provide user-friendly tools for participating in dApps and their development. Thanks to this platform, developers can use verified and trusted template contracts and do so directly when creating their substrates blockchain or white label dashboard. This makes the provision of usage contracts very easy.

The company will also offer lossless staking that allows tokens to be blocked in the platform wallet. Users receive pooled APY as potential rewards. When winners burn redistribution rewards, the platform grants them access to the drip mining pool. H2O token is very popular. The team has a good roadmap and the project has great potential.

What is placewar and what does it offer?

PlaceWar is a relatively new strategic, earn-for-money social game universe. The team used it in a multi-chain with highly interesting artillery gameplay. The latter encourages players to create and define the game world perspective through battles, alliances and building.

Worm and r / place become the inspiration for this game. However, PlaceWar creates its own gamified, open internet culture metaverse. More importantly, it puts users in control. The team claims that players get an amazing gaming experience comparable to anything they have never seen before in any other play-to-earn game. PlaceWar integrates combat and creation, and the team also ensures that there is an incentive mechanism in place to support both.

The architecture of the game is pretty simple. It consists of two systems: the Pixel system and the Battle system. Players will be able to quickly start battles in various combat system modes including PVP, PVE, and Guild Wars. If a player wins the game, they will receive a token, NFT or non-NFT rewards.

In addition, the pixel system is the game’s land system. It has a map of a canvas world called Placedonia. The latter is divided into 90,000 pixel lands that users can own as NFTs.

Each pixel is actually a piece of land on which players can collect randomly generated resources, park their tanks or build buildings. You can even choose a color to represent your pixels on Placedonia. Players can invade other pixels as well. To do this, they have to challenge their defender bots to a tank battle. Successful invaders loot all unharvested resources. You also have the option of forcing a change in the displayed color. Invasion allows players to create their own paintings and then turn them into visual territories.

How can users make money on the PlaceWar platform?

There are four main ways to make a profit in PlaceWar. Users can play-to-earn: win battles in PVP and PVE for rewards; Collect-to-Earn: become a pixel owner and collect resources; Predict-to-Earn: Place a bet on yourself in a guild war and win the game; Create-to-Earn: The top 100 by capture point can win a seasonal creator reward.

PlaceWar has its native utility token which also offers various benefits to owners. The company launched its ICO today, November 12, 2021. However, the sale ends tomorrow. The PLACE token price during the initial coin offering is $ 0.014000. The total supply is 20,000,000%, but only a part will be available for trading. The PlaceWar team plans to raise $ 240,000 during the ICO and accepts BUSD in exchange for PLACE.

Talkado’s token is very popular. Why is this?

H2O, PLACE, GM and TALK tokens are in the spotlightTalkado Protocol is a green and intuitive project. The team was based on various research findings that will catalyze revolutionary disruption, democratization and decentralization of the financial ecosystem. Talkado is an automated hyperdeflationary and effortless high-yield aggregation protocol. It will use the power of Defi to combat climate change as well as humanitarian crises around the world.

The company started its native token pre-sale on October 30, 2021. It will end on November 15, 2021. The price for 1 TALK during the Initial Coin Offerings is $ 0.0000000001. In addition, the total supply of tokens is 1000000000000000000, but only a certain percentage will be available for ICO. The company accepts ETH, BNB and USDT in exchange for TALK.

According to the team, Talkado uses a recursive algorithm. It will incentivize the coin holders and provide them with robust liquidity. The company introduced three phases of project development. The first step is to sell tokens. The team developed the TALK coin in the BSC network. It has already passed a successful audit.

The second stage is the introduction of the Talkado NFT Multivendor Marketplace. The team designed the NFT marketplace to charge the Talkado ecosystem. TALK tokens will be the main payment coin on the marketplace. The platform will also offer rewards and incentives in Talkado Coin.

Finally, the company will introduce Talkado Token Sales Launchpad. The latter will see the application of new technologies. The team plans to reveal the features of the launchpad after receiving a PATENT PERMIT. In addition, investors must hold a certain number of TALK tokens in order to participate in high-profile projects on the launchpad.

What about GoldMiner?

GoldMiner launched its native GMs ICO token today. 10,000,000,000 GM is being offered for sale at a price of $ 0.000050. This free third person shooter NFT game allows players to play with no fees.

This platform offers a seamless combination of the Defi and P2E models. It allows players to play and earn rewards at the same time. GoldMiner has also added a Crypto Play mechanism to create a friendly environment for players unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency market and NFTs. The company plans to give such players incentives to do their own research and find out about the market.

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