Marriage, babies, music? What it really means to free Britney Spears


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But while technically all the eggs are now back in their place, many of the things the life of Britney Spears has to live are nowhere near as sexy as imagining what she will wear on her wedding day.

“What really happens,” says Arminak, “are things like contracts, leases that have to be transferred to your own name and not to that of your father and not that of your restorers. It’s the little details, [such as] If she has a maid, the Conservatory will not pay that maid now; she has to pay that maid. It’s those things that have to happen, these little details. And she’s been with us for 13 years so it will take a little “to sort it out.”

Meanwhile, her situation – a grown woman who makes millions of dollars to take up and travel the world and share custody of her two children while being viewed as unable to fend for herself – has almost no direct parallel in terms of predicting what will happen next.

Prior to making the decision, Roshan said there weren’t many precedents for simply pulling the plug on a restoration without evidence from the restorer’s (i.e., Jamie) side or ordering a psychological assessment for the restorer. Spears told the court in June that she had already undergone numerous reports and did not want to undergo any more.

When judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court Brenda Penny decided on November 12th that “Effective today, Britney Jean Spears Conservatory, the person and property is hereby terminated”, she did not require a medical examination.

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