FFXIV developers will “address” the lack of gun room and glamor platters at 6.1.



As in any MMO worthwhile, the real Final Fantasy XIV endgame is fashion. The game’s job system means you have a ton of gear to hold on to, and there aren’t enough glamor records to tackle one fashion set for all of your professions. The first issue is partially resolved by removing belts, but after introducing some of the new raid gear being introduced into Endwalker, director and producer Naoki Yoshida raised hopes for more space on both sides.

“I know this will raise the question, ‘Well, I don’t have enough room in my armory anymore’ or ‘What about more glamor records?'” Says Yoshida (via translator) in the latest Live Letter. “We are making preparations. We are trying to see how we can expand and I believe that by 6.1 we will be pretty close to having our preparations to address some of these issues that we have with “capacity”, so to speak. “

Patch 6.0 will bring us a little more armory room starting with the release date of Endwalker, as the space previously given to belts is now available for primary weapons and rings. But that doesn’t address the (relatively) low number of Glamor records, and even more gun room would go a long way in dealing with inventory issues. Of course, we’ll have to wait until 6.1 to see what improvements the developers can implement, as the aging FFXIV backend has in the past prevented them from simply adding more inventory space.

Yoshida’s comments start at the 4:32:54 mark in the video below.

The live letter also introduced us to the new spearfishing mini-game and the new PvP mode, Crystal Conflict. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news as the Endwalker delay was announced as part of the broadcast.

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