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A cot mattress needs to be firm, flat and durable. However, our safety tests show that popular brands don’t always guarantee you will get a mattress that you will be happy with.

In February 2021, we asked 1,878 parents which brand of cot mattresses they own, whether they are satisfied with it and would recommend it to a friend.

Read on to find out which brands we surveyed parents, made parents want more, and which brands were the least likely to report problems to parents.

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The least popular brands for cot mattresses

We asked parents how satisfied they are with their brand of crib mattresses and how likely they would be to recommend the brand, and we have summarized them into an overall customer value.

Parental feedback varies, with the top level reaching 83% for parents and the lowest level reaching 59%.

The eight (out of 20) brands with the lowest parental scores from our survey were:

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We have tested cot mattresses from all of these brands except My First Mattress and Snuz.

By checking out which brands parents love and reading our expert reviews, you can find the perfect crib mattress for your child.

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Which? Mattress tests for cots

Our mattress tests for cots are tough.

We believe it is important to ensure that unsafe products are held accountable so that parents can make the best choices.

We test according to the latest version of the safety standard for cot mattresses BS EN 16890: 2017 + A1: 2021. It’s voluntary, which means manufacturers don’t have to meet it, but we often test crib mattresses that claim to meet this voluntary standard and fail.

Our tests check for hazards including:

  • Choking hazard – such as zips that are too easy to break, loose stickers or the inner material of the cot mattress that is too easily accessible.
  • Risk of entrapment – Crib mattresses that are too small for your crib can have gaps between the mattress and the bed frame, in which the baby’s limbs can become trapped and cause injuries.
  • Choking hazard – A cot mattress that is too soft can pose a risk of suffocation for a newborn.

We also check that a mattress is durable enough to remain supportive and safe even after several years of use.

Only firm, durable and safe cot mattresses receive our Best Buy recommendation.

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