‘Nexus Dental Systems’ is launched to provide end-to-end solutions for dental sleeping practices


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Nexus Dental Systems, a conglomerate that meets the needs of a dental practice to identify, screen, treat, and monitor compliance with sleep treatments for oral device therapy, has been launched and the new company includes several well-known names.

Deepit Anand, founder and fund manager of the Sapphire Group of Funds and experience in leading a dental aid organization, supports the new company financially. “Having been part of the dental industry for over a decade, we have decided that now is the right time to develop a comprehensive ecosystem for all aspects of dental sleep medicine,” Anand said in a press release. “In the end, we created a nexus of several successful companies in order to meet the current requirements of the industry.”

Co-founders are Brett Brocki, developer of proprietary software for medical billing for obstructive sleep apnea, and Patrick Kircher, CEO of National Dental Systems.

“The ability to bring together the most synergistic and strongest relationships in the sleep medicine dental business within an organization is by far the unique opportunity to combat the debilitating problem of OSA,” Brocki said in a press release. “Deepit’s skill and financial depth enables Nexus Dental Systems to compete in the arena immediately.”

Nexus also includes Frank Mahony, Senior Technology Advisor. Mahony has successfully run technology-based companies including those in the healthcare, e-commerce, point of sale, warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and accounting sectors.

Other team members include Lee Surkin, MD, FACC, FCCP, FASNC, FAASM, who is certified in cardiology, nuclear cardiology, and sleep medicine and founder of the American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine; Lisa Moler, chief marketing officer who founded Medmark LLC and Dental Sleep Practice magazine, among other niche dental products; John Peterson DDS, who has contracts with National Medical payers; and Mel Blount, former Pittsburgh Steeler cornerback, five-time pro bowler and four-time Super Bowl champion, national health and wellness spokesperson.

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