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  • When looking to buy a Samsung (or Apple) phone, some countries will give you better deals than others.
  • As expected, South Korea is the best place to get a Galaxy phone. Canada and Belarus are the worst.
  • There are many other dates for other products as well.

There are so many factors that go into the pricing of a smartphone. With so many variables in place, it is inevitable that some countries will get better value from their phone purchases than others. We saw this recently with the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, which is way better in India than it is in Europe.

Grover combed pricing information for key technology products at major retail chains in 50 different countries. All of this data was then compiled to create a median price for specific items such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, iPhone 13, and over 20 other products. Once it had a median price, it could see how much more expensive certain products are in each country.

You can see their data table here. However, we will focus on information that is important for people who are planning to buy a Samsung phone.

Best and Worst Places to Buy a Samsung Phone

According to Grover’s data, Belarus is the absolute worst place to buy a Samsung phone. It can be over 40% more expensive to get a phone there compared to the global average price. Canada is not much better with a 39% increase. Argentina, Ireland and Greece round out the last five.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s homeland, South Korea, is the best place to buy a Galaxy phone. You can save almost 35% compared to the median price. Indonesia is pretty good too, with almost 32% savings. New Zealand, Colombia and Hong Kong make up the rest of the top 5.

Interestingly, Chile and Austria are the countries closest to the center, i.e. where prices don’t deviate much from the median. Australia, Italy, the United States and the Czech Republic are also right in the middle.

Take a look at the data table for yourself here. Make sure to check out how your country fares on all of the products Grover tested.


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