Trump fired his Secretary of Defense for opposing the use of the military against Americans



A recent Trump administration memo shows that one of the reasons Defense Sec. Mark Esper was fired for speaking out against the use of the military against US citizens.

Jon Karl tweeted the memo:

The memo lists Esper’s sins against Trump: he “blocked the Confederate flag” on military bases; “Resists presidential orders to use American troops to quell unrest”; “The department focused on Russia”; and urged “actively for ‘diversity and inclusion’.”

– Jonathan Karl (@jonkarl) November 10, 2021

Many in the corporate media ridiculed those who warned Trump wanted to use the military against people who protested after the assassination of George Floyd.

It turned out that Trump wanted to use the military against the American people, and one of the reasons why his Secretary of Defense was fired was that Esper would not follow Trump’s wishes.

Donald Trump must never return to power because he learned during his tenure to use and abuse the powers of the presidency to break democracy and the rule of law to pursue what he wants.

Should Trump ever be in the Oval Office again, he will fill his cabinet with people who will carry out his authoritarian orders.

Donald Trump wants to use the US military against American protesters. Trump wants to destroy the greatest democratic experiment in world history in the service of his pursuit of total unbridled power.

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