NYC DOT removes Donald Trump’s ‘Adopt-A-Highway’ sign on Henry Hudson Parkway


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A sign announcing that Donald J. Trump sponsored the beautification of part of Henry Hudson Parkway was removed earlier this week.

The sign, located north of the West 79th Street exit, has been seen by motorists heading south on the freeway for years – and it has been repeatedly defaced. A petition launched by Richard Robbins in 2020 indicated that the NYC Department of Transportation’s own policy, as stated on its website, was: “’Highways can be used by any individual, corporation, or organization (but not political Candidates and campaigns). ‘ This sign should have been removed in 2015 and, according to DOT guidelines, no longer come into force, as Trump has announced his intention to run again in 2024. “

The city’s DOT told West Side Rag that the sign was not paid for by a political candidate or a campaign, but was instead paid for by Trump’s company and therefore authorized.

Over the summer, MP Linda Rosenthal, a Democrat who represents the Upper West Side, asked the DOT to remove the sign, citing Trump’s divisive presidency. “His methodological efforts to dismantle the building blocks of our democratic institutions culminated in the violent and deadly attack on our nation’s capital in January 2021,” she said. “Public officials who encourage people to act violently have no right to have their names put on signs in our community forever.”

The DOT district commissioner in Manhattan, Edward Pincar, told Rosenthal on Monday that the sign had been removed because the agreement between the Trump organization and the contractor “expired on November 7th and will not be renewed.”

A new sign was installed with Fisher Capital Investments as a new sponsor.

Robbins, who started the petition, told West Side Rag he was thrilled with the news: “For years this sign has been an affront to the people of the Upper West Side who are offended by Trump’s racism and misogyny.” more recently his promotion of We are outraged that a president who has helped destroy our environment is being seen as sponsoring an initiative to ‘beautify’ highways. “

After the January 6 riot, Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to end all NYC contracts with Trump, including running ice rinks in Central Park and a golf course in the Bronx. Westchester and Putnam Counties still have Donald Trump State Park, 436 acres of land that the former president donated after he didn’t develop a golf course there; State legislators have tried to figure out how to rename it.

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