The fight in New World will be a little tended to with the upcoming updates



The New World team “is starting some next steps in the fight,” one of the developers of the MMORPG revealed on its official forums. Developer DaveNW gave us an idea of ​​the changes the team had in mind, saying that “the developers’ initial focus will be on weapon swaps, evasive crashes, and attack windows” – and the suggested tweaks sound like they will really help you Difference to the fight in Aeternum.

One area New World developers are currently working on is initially being responsive when switching weapons and ensuring consistency in all attacks in the game, as the team wants switching between weapons to be “an integral and fluid part of combat.” . The developer explains that at the moment, players often attack with the weapon they just equipped because they thought they had switched weapons – but that is not the case.

The developer doesn’t go into the details of how the team will handle this, but says, “We’re working to fix these situations and expand if you can swap out your gun”.

Elsewhere, New World developers are exploring options around the game’s “evasive abort windows and attack input timings while restoring all our attacks” as some unintentional inconsistencies arise in these areas.

Again, the main concern is to make sure this facet of gameplay is consistent and fluid to improve responsiveness and the flow of combat – the example given is that some restores allow players to “dodge” but not others. Likewise, while some abilities are being restored, players can make heavy attacks – but not all abilities do so. The developers essentially want to make sure the input windows for all of New World’s weapons and abilities are consistent. Nice stuff.

There’s no specific timeframe yet when we can expect these changes in live play, although DaveNW says the team will be introducing them “in the next few releases”. Additionally, some changes are planned to “tweak some of the lesser-used skills to make a wider range of skills more workable and further improve combat in Aeternum,” although you will have to wait for details for now.

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