Donald Trump claims China will take over the Afghan Bagram Air Force Base


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Former US President Donald Trump recently claimed that China would take over the Bagram Air Force Base in Kabul after the US “surrendered” Afghanistan to the Taliban. It should be mentioned that China’s ambassador to Afghanistan has already rejected reports of a Chinese military presence in the extensive facility north of Kabul, which once housed tens of thousands of US and NATO troops. Independently of this, the Taliban government has also denied the presence of foreign troops at the airfield in the war-ravaged country.

While speaking with Fox News, Trump reiterated these claims and also criticized the Biden administration’s “surrender” of Afghanistan. In a television interview, Trump said that if he had been President of the United States, he would have held Bagram and Parwan Detention Center. He said that while he planned to eventually withdraw from Afghanistan, he still had a grip on Bagram, which is adjacent to China, and Parwan Detention Center, which is a military prison on the air base.

Trump said, “We would have kept Bagram because it is next to China. And it’s an hour away from their nuclear facility, and we’ve given that up too. “

He added, “And now I think China will take over Bagram.”

During the same interview, the former US president also beat up the Biden administration for withdrawing the military first after it was reported that hundreds of American citizens remained in the war-ravaged country under Taliban rule. Trump said he was blaming the generals because they should never have let that happen. “You must have been able to talk [Biden] to bring them to their senses, “said Trump.” But you also have to hold them responsible for this happening. “

The Bagram Air Force Base remains largely inactive

In the meantime, it’s important to note that Bagram Air Force Base has been essentially inactive since leaving the war-torn country in August and taking over the Taliban. According to Sputnik, the insurgent group, which took power in Afghanistan on August 15, lacks qualified personnel to repair and operate the few remaining aircraft in the facility. In September, the Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu also met with the Taliban’s interim foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, and promised to continue to support and cooperate unconditionally with Afghanistan. China has offered $ 15 million in humanitarian aid and three million doses of COVID vaccines to Afghanistan, according to TOLO News.

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