Trump interferes in the Arizona Senate primaries


Donald Trump

It’s unclear whether Trump intends to endorse Masters or consider other candidates in the Senate primary. The private reception costs $ 2,900 per person, although donors or couples who raise $ 25,000 prior to the event can also have a photo taken with Trump, according to the invitation.

The fundraiser’s host committee includes prominent tech entrepreneurs and investors like billionaires Peter Thiel, David Sacks and Joe Lonsdale, as well as conservative donors Rebekah Mercer, Darren Blanton and JJ Cafaro.

Thiel has donated US $ 10 million each to Super-PACs supporting Masters and JD Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy and business partner of Thiel, who is running for the Ohio Senate.

Masters heads Thiel’s technology investment firm Thiel Capital and the non-profit Thiel Foundation.

The Arizona Republican Senate field is currently headed by Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who is already being attacked from the air by the Pro Masters Super PAC and claims Brnovich is soft on border security.

Masters and Brnovich have both tried to show loyalty to Trump, despite Brnovich being scolded as “lackluster” by the former president earlier this year.

Brnovich narrowly won the election results in the state of Biden last fall, along with Republican Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Secretary of State. Trump said in a statement earlier this year that Brnovich, as attorney general, was not doing enough to support a GOP-led “review” of the Maricopa district election results.

“[Brnovich] has to get going or no Arizona Republican will vote for him in the upcoming elections, “said Trump.

Jim Lamon, another Republican in the running, has expressed support for the party exam.

The television commercials against Brnovich – which stifle his “failed” enforcement of illegal immigration – seem to be having some effect, even as Brnovich has legal battles on conservative issues like President Joe Biden’s corporate vaccine mandate and immigrant welfare in the country illegally.

A recent internal survey commissioned by the Pro-Masters Saving Arizona Super PAC found that Brnovich’s unfavorable rating has risen from 9 percent to 20 percent since the ad was published.

The summary of Fabrizio Lee’s poll received by POLITICO states that a third of the 800 Republican primary voters polled saw the ad. Brnovich’s negative rating rose to 32 percent in those who saw it.

In a primary matchup, 26 percent of voters still said they would vote for Brnovich, compared to 14 percent for Masters – although Masters’s vote had nearly tripled since Fabrizio’s August poll.

While Trump has avoided voting in the Arizona Senate primaries, the former president has openly spoken out in favor of preventing Ducey from receiving the nomination should the governor decide to take part in the 2022 race.

Arizona is one of the main Republican targets in their efforts to regain the Senate majority this cycle. Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, who won the seat in a 2020 special election following the death of Senator John McCain, is seeking re-election for a full six-year term.

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