“She Got Close”: US Olympic legend claims Elaine Thompson Herah will now fight to catch FloJo


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The Jamaican sprinter Elaine Thompson-Herah is known as an athlete who competes over 100 meters and 200 meters. As one of the greatest sprinters of all time, she is incredibly fast in the field. It is noteworthy that, with five Olympic gold medals, she is the fastest woman alive.


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Elaine is the first female sprinter in history and the second overall sprinter after legendary Usain Bolt, who won the sprint doubles in consecutive Olympics. At the Olympic Games in 2016 and 2020, she won gold over 100 meters and over 200 meters.


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Four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson recently spoke about Elaine’s amazing performance in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He is experienced in the field and knows how difficult it is to make history. He revealed that this was a good chance for Thompson to break Florence Joyner’s world record; The road ahead will be tough.

Will Elaine break Flo-Jo’s world record in 2022?

Elaine’s performance at the Olympics this year was outstanding. She shone throughout the games and achieved a time of 10.61 seconds in the 100-meter final. Herah also set a new personal best of 21.53 seconds over 200 meters. Then she won the gold medal again at the Prefontaine Classic.

Despite her victory, she was unable to break Florence Griffith Joyner’s 100m world record of 10.49 seconds. Michael Johnson, an expert in the field, spoke about the uncertainty involved in writing history. According to him, there is a 50-50 chance she will break Flo-Jo’s world record in 2022.

“Part of me says yes because it was close this year and it was still consistent, but sometimes you have to do it in the year when you are there,” said Johnson, the 8-time world champion.

Johnson went on to admit the difficulties and hurdles he had overcome to break Butch Reynolds’ then 400-meter world record of 43.29 seconds. Sometimes it has to be done all at once as recording is unsafe and the second time may not be done for several reasons.

Elaine Thompson-Herah and Karsten Warholm are named Athletes of the Year by Michael Johnson.

The four-time Olympic champion comments on an incredible 2021 season.https: //t.co/LD6OLfRXH2

– AW (@AthleticsWeekly) November 5, 2021

“1995 was my year for the 400m. I ran 43.39, 43.41, I was around 43.29, and it took another four years to get back to that point. So if you don’t this year, ”he added.

The fact that Thompson recently changed coach could also affect their performance.

“And she just changed coach, so who knows what the impact will be.”

Elaine’s hard work got her where she is now and she is only inches away from breaking the world record. It will be interesting to see if she comes close to Flo Jo’s record in the upcoming World Athletics Championships.

Thomspon Herah makes Johnson’s list of favorite athletes

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson recently announced his list of Favorite Athletes of the Year for 2021. Elaine Thompson-Herah also made it onto Johnson’s list.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Athletics – Women’s 100m – Award Ceremony – Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan – August 1st, 2021. Gold medalist Elaine Thompson-Herah from Jamaica with a protective face mask on the podium poses with silver medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Prryce from Jamaica wears a protective face mask and bronze medalist Shericka Jackson from Jamaica wears a protective face mask REUTERS / Hannah Mckay

“With women, for me it’s Elaine Thompson-Herah. I think what she did this year was just amazing. She undoubtedly is, ”said Johnson, the former 200m and 400m world record holder.


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“The competition over 100m and 200m was definitely at a high level this year. She responded to the competition, won the medals, but also the times she ran to jeopardize Florence Griffith Joyner’s record, which has stood for so long and has such strong arguments, tells you all about how impressive she is in this one Year was up, “he added.

Johnson seeks Thompson Herah to break the record and beat Flo Jo. No doubt Herah will have the chance to do so during next year’s World Athletics Championships, which will be held in the United States.


Elaine Thompson-Herah is proud to be part of the story along with Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

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