Which mattress brand should be bought in 2021?


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When buying a new mattress, it should be from a brand you can trust. We interviewed 5,830. Which? Members About Their Mattresses to put together our definitive guide to the best and worst brands of mattresses.

We have results for 25 mattress brands including major high street brands like Dreams, Ikea, John Lewis and Silentnight, as well as emerging online-only brands like Emma, ​​Eve and Simba.

Mattress brands in comparison

Our survey found that there is a huge difference in customer ratings between the best and worst brands:

  • The best mattress brand received a Which? Customer satisfaction of 88% and a maximum comfort rating of 5 out of 5 stars.
  • The worst mattress brand scored 63% for which? Customer satisfaction and a comfort rating of only 2 stars.

In addition to the general customer satisfaction and the comfort rating, each mattress brand is rated according to the price-performance ratio, how well it corresponds to its description and whether it meets people’s general expectations.

Our individual brand review pages have more details on major brands, including customer reviews. Some of the leading brands we reviewed include:

Survey results on the best mattress brands

Which? Members can log in Now you can unlock the winners and losers in the table below and get access to the detailed information on each brand. If you’re not already a member, you can join Which? to get instant access.

Sample sizes: Dunlopillo (208), Vispring (391), Somnus (35), Casper (74), Eve (70), Emma (234), Harrison (165), John Lewis (605), Hypnos (381), Ikea ( 418), Relyon (142), Marks and Spencer (114), Sealy (327), Tempur (385), Silentnight (478), Sleepeezee (127), Millbrook (55), Rest Assured (64), Myer’s (71. )), Dormeo (52), Simba (51), Slumberland (109), Bensons for Beds (80), Dreams (190).

How we researched mattress brands

In April 2019 we asked 5,830 which? Members who bought a mattress in the past 10 years tell us about their experiences. To determine customer ratings for mattress brands, we asked which brand the mattress member owns, whether they are satisfied with it, and whether they would recommend it to a friend.

We also asked where they last bought their mattress and how happy they were with the purchase from the dealer to help you with that best mattress stores to buy. In addition to the overall rating, we also rated the quality of advice and the uncomplicated handling of the delivery.

If you are not already a member, join which one? Find out everything you need to know today to buy the best mattress and get a good night’s sleep for years to come.

Best and worst mattresses in the test

If you already know which mattress brand you want, visit our test lab tests to find the perfect mattress to comfortably dream through the night.

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