It’s time to spin and hit



Former Senator Claire McCaskill told Democrats not to waste time trying to figure out what went wrong in Virginia, but that it is time to spin and strike.


Claire McCaskill urges the Democrats to forget about Virginia: “It’s time to spin and hit.”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 3, 2021

McCaskill said on MSNBC:

And that’s what I’m scared of the most from. I ask my friends in the United States Senate, I am asks all Democrats for Capitol hill, don’t spend days or minutes even trying to blame it someone for what happened This evening. Whose fault was it? Why weren’t the bills signed? Could Joe Biden made more?

IIt’s time to spin and hit.

You got a deal today Reduction of prescription drugs Prices in this country that be huge. You are on the brink of Legislation passed. Forget the top number. Check out what it will do for women in this country especially women with children who want childcare need universal before-k. And I think we have one Opportunity to turn that around for next fall but not when we do spend the next three weeks or Month to find out who accuse.

Republicans are waging a culture war. It is time for the Democrats to stop fooling around and attacking.

Forget Virginia. The choice has been made.

It is more important to maintain control of Congress than to win a gubernatorial election outside of the year.

Instead of berating each other, it’s time the Democrats hit back.

Glenn Youngkin will be serving his one term and Virginia will be blue again. He doesn’t care. The Democrats must learn from the Virginia elections and go on the offensive.

Claire McCaskill was right. It’s time to wave and hit.

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