Ron DeSantis held “limited recognition” in the 2024 survey behind Donald Trump and Mike Pence


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Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis continues to be debated as a presidential candidate, but his viability may depend on getting better known.

The hill reports on an exclusive Harvard CAPS-Harris survey the former president showed Donald Trump Dominating DeSantis in a field where Trump faced a competitive 2024 area code. Of the registered Republicans surveyed, 47% liked Trump and only 10% preferred DeSantis.

The survey, conducted October 26-28, revealed another unfavorable metric for DeSantis in terms of its performance in a seemingly increasingly unlikely Trump-free GOP field in 2024.

In this poll, former Vice President Mike Pence DeSantis leads 23% to 21%, with Sen. Ted Cruz further back at 12%.

Though he’s just a little short of pence overall, there is room for encouragement for DeSantis as he has apparently not yet reached his cap.

Polling institute Mark Penn told the Hill, “DeSantis continues to be strengthened as the emerging next choice despite limited recognition.” And it seems that emergence is taking place. DeSantis is showing signs of improvement over the previous one Harvard CAPS / Harris poll from September.

Pence led DeSantis in a poll without Trump at 32 to 20%. The poll with the former president showed that DeSantis received only 9% support, up from 58% from Trump.

Other polls suggest that DeSantis is penetrating primary states.

In New Hampshire, the increasingly important first state on the Republican calendar, a new survey of the University of New Hampshire says Florida governor currently has better ratings than Trump among potential GOP primary voters for 2024. With +62 net benefits, DeSantis is the highest among the tested potential candidates. Trump came in at +54.

Trump said he wasn’t worried about a DeSantis Primary challenge.

“If I faced him, I would hit him like I would hit everyone else,” Trump said Yahoo! Finances, noted that DeSantis would likely resign.

DeSantis was shy when asked about 2024. He called the gossip about it “nonsense”.

“There are a lot of big problems. It’s way down the street. It’s not something I plan to do, ”he said during one Fox News Look weeks back.

The 2024 field could be crowded with or without DeSantis. Former Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and former New Jersey Governor. Chris Christie are among those who may be planning on running.

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