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Joe Ingles has spent most of his life playing basketball and aiming for greatness.

Whether NBA or NBL (Australia’s Professional Basketball League), Ingles wanted to conquer both by becoming a champion.

But there was another award that he always had in mind, a medal that he always wanted for himself and his country.

Ingles and Australia achieved this goal last summer when the Boomers defeated Luka Doncic and Slovenia 107-93 in the bronze medal, winning the country’s first medal at the Olympic Games.

“It feels very different from the last eleven years trying to win an Olympic medal,” said Ingles. “Of course, very proud to be the team that won the very first basketball medal in our country. … That has never been the reason why we kept trying to win this medal.

It was a long road for Ingles, starting with fellow countrymen Patty Mills in 2007 – today with the Brooklyn Nets. Together they recognized the potential of Australian basketball.

After a series of moments of narrowly missing out on winning a medal, Australia has literally made a major breakthrough on the world’s greatest stage.

“Patty and I started in 2007 and tried to build this program and get it where we felt it needed,” Ingles said. “Of course it has been something over the past few years that I’ve won three tournaments in a row over the past few years to finally do it, something that I will obviously cherish forever.”

Ingles wasn’t the only Utah Jazz member to bring home some hardware this summer.

What did you do on your summer vacation?

We sat down with Joe & Rudy to talk about representing their country at the Olympics and bringing the hardware home #JazzFeatures | @AFCU

– Utah Jazz (@utahjazz) November 2, 2021

All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert led France to the silver medal and fell in the gold medal game against Team USA. Gobert led France to its third Olympic medal, all of which received silver and came after losing to the United States in the championship game.

“It’s a great feeling, especially when we’re going through what we’ve been through as a team,” said Gobert.

FIBA named Gobert the “All-Star Five” for the Tokyo Olympics after averaging 12.2 points, 9.3 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game.

Although the journey was not as long as it was for Ingles with Australia, Gobert’s path to the silver medal was not without trials and difficulties.

“That you have to qualify in China in 2019 and then come back a year later with the postponement of the Olympic Games and do it as a group is great,” said Gobert. “The last time was 20 years ago, so yeah, pretty cool.”

For both players the trip and the results, despite winning medals at the Olympics, were far better than bringing the medals home themselves.

While Gobert admits that his medal from the trip to Tokyo is still in his pocket, Ingles’ medal was immediately placed in a special place – right next to his 5-year-old daughter’s medal for playing youth football. Ingles gave an honest answer to the question of where that medal is now – almost three months after winning.

“It’s still hanging on the door handle where Milla’s soccer medal is,” says Ingles with a laugh. “This is where she wanted to put it, so it’s still there now. … They are very similar. “

– Joe Ingles (@ Joeingles7) August 11, 2021

Continuing a theme of jazz players winning Olympic medals, Ingles and Gobert joined the duos of Karl Malone and John Stockton and Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer as teammates from Utah to bring home medals.

The Olympic medalists will return to the pitch together tonight when the Jazz (5-1) hosts Sacramento at 7 p.m. MST. To buy tickets, click HERE.

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