Letter: Donald Trump does not reflect the values ​​of North Dakotans


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I’m surprised that Republicans in North Dakota seem to continue to support Donald Trump.

Aside from two years serving in the U.S. Army, I have spent all of my 86 years in North Dakota. I’ve served in public office, and I think I know who the people in North Dakota are. They are mostly honest, hardworking, and compassionate people willing to help their neighbors and look after their families.

Trump has repeatedly proven that he is not like most North Dakotans. He lies all the time. He’s a racist. He will use almost everyone to his advantage. When he became president, he took a solemn oath to uphold the US Constitution and then disregarded the Constitution when its provisions clashed with his own
Selfishness. While still under investigation, it is evident that he promoted the January 6 uprising in Washington. That was a clear violation of his constitutional oath. Some of the rioters wanted and even planned to kill Vice President Pence. And the list goes on. Trump is different from North Dakotans.

So I’m all the more surprised that so many elected representatives from North Dakota continue to support Trump, or at least not distance themselves from Trump and his intentions.

For example, I wonder why Senator John Hoeven appears to be a Trump supporter. I don’t know Hoeven personally, but I’ve seen him in public office, first as governor and now as senator. Although I often disagreed on public affairs, I think he’s a decent and intelligent person. Hoeven, however, appears to continue to support Trump and Trump’s obvious goal of replacing our democratic republic with an autocracy. Why?

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I fear that the future of our democracy, as flawed as it may be, is in jeopardy. What do you think?

Henrik Voldal lives in Valley City, ND

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