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Today’s Best Emma Mattress Deals in the United States

The Emma Original Mattress is not the original mattress from the German manufacturer Emma; in fact, it is his second model. After its first mattress, the Hybrid, the Emma Original does without the pocket springs and instead uses three layers of pressure-relieving foam.

The idea behind this is that this arrangement offers a lot of support, comfort and durability while being suitable for all types of sleepers and body types. It also offers the original at a very affordable price – especially if you take advantage of one of the many regular Emma mattress discount codes and offers.

So does it live up to the hype? We thought so. The Emma Original sits comfortably at the top of our best memory foam mattress rankings and is also a regular on our general guide to the best mattresses. For this test, we tested the Emma Original for over a year to find out how good it really is.

How many Emma mattresses are there?

If you live in the United States, the Emma Original is the only mattress in the range.

It’s a little more complicated for UK buyers. In addition to the Emma Original, there is the Premium, which for a while was known as the Emma Hybrid Original. For more information, check out our Emma Premium review, but it uses essentially a similar makeup to the original but adds a layer of extra tall feathers. It’s more supportive than the original, sleeps a little cooler, and costs you a lot more too. We gave it the full five stars so it is a strong recommendation from us if you can get the higher price tag.

There was another mattress in the range – the Emma Hybrid – which had smaller springs and was cheaper than the current premium model. That seems to have been discontinued.

What is the Emma Original mattress?

The Emma Original is the second bed in a box foam mattress from the Frankfurt company Emma. You can only buy it online and it will come to your home – rolled up and vacuum packed in a compact and easy-to-carry box – from the company’s UK manufacturer. Simply remove the packaging and the mattress will expand into shape within two hours.

Emma Original mattress

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Inside the 25 cm deep mattress there is a 3 cm long breathable Airgocell foam layer, followed by 2 cm viscoelastic memory foam for pressure relief and 19 cm supportive cold foam on the underside – the latter is grooved to distribute your weight for additional pressure – Relief. There is also a removable, machine-washable and temperature-regulating cover.

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Emma Original mattress

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Unlike some of its competitors, the Emma Original has handles on the sides that make it easier to move. This is not a mattress that you need to turn over or even turn over; but they are handy to have during the initial setup.

According to the company, the new Emma mattress is suitable for people weighing between 50 and 130 kg, works with any slatted frame and can be used with an electric blanket.

Emma mattress: hardness

So how does it lie on the Emma Original mattress? According to Emma, ​​it’s a medium firm mattress – and we agree and rate it 6.5 for firmness (10 being the firmest). It’s surprisingly soft on top, with a little bounce, so you initially sink in before being pushed back down onto the surface of the mattress. There you stay nicely padded and supported for the rest of the night.

This is in line with results from our sister site Real Homes, which recorded a mattress sinking 7.7 cm when the team positioned a 56 pound weight in the middle. This is not much of a sinking in at all (some sink under 9-10 cm), and all thanks to the buoyant Airgocell foam and the high-density poly foam at the base of the Emma mattress.

Emma Original Mattress Review

Real Homes reviewer Linda Clayton also found the Emma Original mattress to be medium firm

(Image credit: Real Homes)

Of course, strength is relative. The weight of our reviewers was between 8 and 17 kilos: Most rated the new Emma mattress as medium firm, but our heaviest tester thought it looked more like a medium-sized mattress, while our lightest tester found it on the firmer side.

How comfortable is the Emma mattress?

Sleeping on the Emma Original is exceptionally comfortable. We have found that the new Emma mattress is very supportive, whether you sleep on your front, back or side. Sleeping on the side was extra luxurious thanks to this lovely foam that cushions your shoulders and hips and keeps your spine straight. But sleeping in front and in the back was also a pleasure, as the material pushed backwards to keep us on the mattress and at the same time create a supportive, padded environment.

We also found that the transmission of motion is minimal. The Emma Original is very good at absorbing movement. So if you have a restless partner, it is unlikely to be bothered by to and fro.

The only minor complaint is that Emma’s memory foam tends to trap a bit of heat. So if you have a tendency to sleep hot, you will find that this may not be the best choice for you. We usually recommend a hybrid mattress for sweatier sleepers, as the spring layer allows better air circulation.

Emma Original Mattress: Price

We will narrow this section by saying that the concept of UVP / MRSP is very loose in the world of mattresses. Emma does sales so often that you would be very unhappy to pay full price, and the ticket price also seems to fluctuate fairly regularly.

In the summer of 2021, the RRP for the Emma Original skyrocketed. The official UK prices are now as follows: a single Emma mattress costs £ 499; a small double room costs £ 639; a double room costs £ 699; a king costs £ 799; and a super king costs £ 899.

Today’s Best Emma Mattress Deals in the US

Chances are you won’t be paying that price though – Emma mattress discount codes are available most of the time. For the past year or so, there has been a sale at least once a month with price drops of 25% to 46%. Emma also sells through Amazon and John Lewis.

Does the new Emma mattress smell?

Some new mattresses may initially give off a chemical odor. Our not; but if yours does, don’t worry. This is due to a process called outgassing (it’s the same smell as new cars) and it happens when the seal on the vacuum package is broken and organic chemicals are released into the mattress. All you have to do is ventilate the room and the smell will go away within a few days.

Emma Original mattress: delivery and return

Emma Original Mattress Review

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Delivery is quick: Order your Emma mattress online and it will be delivered free of charge within three working days by the couriers DPD, UPS or Parcel Force. You can follow the progress via a tracking link.

As with most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Emma Original comes with a 100-night trial: this is much more effective at testing if a mattress is right for you than five minutes on a busy one Spend showroom. If you don’t like it within this time, Emma will refund your money and collect it from you for free (you don’t have to repackage it either – phew).

How other people found the Emma Original mattress

Mattress reviews are tricky: everyone has a different body shape, sleeping style, and experience. To create a more comprehensive review of the Emma mattress, we researched a number of online feedbacks from customers and veteran testers.

Which? Team loved it and gave it a Best Buy 2021. Trust Pilot, the consumer reviews website, has an impressive 4.5 out of 5 star average (from more than 22,000 user reviews); while Amazon shows 4.4 out of five points (from over 3,300 reviews). That is an overwhelmingly positive response from a large group of customers.

The main complaints we occasionally encountered were that some people found the mattress warm and some noticed an initial (but not persistent) odor after the mattress was set up.

Conclusion: should I buy the Emma Original mattress?

Emma Original Mattress Review

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Yes sir. More than a year later, we still believe the Emma Original is the best mattress you can buy right now. It is incredibly comfortable and offers fantastic support in every sleeping position – especially for people who move a lot at night. It’s also very low maintenance, doesn’t require turning, and is competitively priced.

Emma will also send you a free firm comfort layer to further customize the mattress to suit your preferences, should you wish. Add the competitive pricing too and we think the Emma mattress is an absolutely fantastic choice.

Today’s Best Emma Mattress Deals in the US

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