Glenn Youngkin is scared when he refuses to attend Trump Virginia Tele Town Hall



Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is so scared of being seen with Trump that he won’t be attending a virtual town hall.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted:

Youngkin told reporters he will not be attending the Tele City Hall Trump is holding on Monday for the party’s Virginia ticket. via @ericbradner

– Jim Acosta (@Acosta) October 30, 2021

Youngkin is afraid of being seen with Trump. He made it clear that he accepts Trump’s support but doesn’t want to be seen or associated with the toxic 1/6 coup mastermind before the election.

Glenn Youngkin tries to walk a complicated tightrope where he gets Trump’s voters without Trump. No Republican candidate has made it since Trump hit the national political stage.

The Trump stench is too intense. If a Republican had not previously stood by Trump’s side, he would be punished at the polls.

For all the Republican excitement over the Virginia polls, there is one important fact that suggests that the Democrats could still easily be favored, and maybe even win. Youngkin has not earned a head start in any objective survey. If that race gets tight on election day, Virginia’s Blue Lean could outperform McAuliffe.

Glenn Youngkin made it official. He is so afraid that Trump will pollute his election campaign and decrease his chances of winning that he will not even appear virtually with the twice-accused failed former president.

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