China’s top snowboarders are gearing up for the upcoming Olympic Games


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The top Chinese snowboarder and silver medalist at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Liu Jiayu, is doing training exercises in Switzerland for the upcoming Games in Beijing. She recovered from a spine injury at the Halfpipe World Cup last February.

“It took me almost a year to recover. My spine was injured and it took a little longer than expected to recover. I’m lucky there were no fractures and no life-threatening injuries,” she said.

Liu said that after recovering from the injury earlier this year, she mostly did physical training to increase strength and endurance, followed her trainer’s instructions and fully prepared.

“I’m doing snow training and have gradually strengthened the exercises I did in the summer and I have got my feeling back on the snow again. I’ll start a new training session and increase the level of difficulty, ”said the multiple world champion.

“Now I am satisfied with my cripple. That’s a flip that I didn’t do a lot before and that I added later. We had a lot of adjustments, “she said.

The pandemic has messed up her preparation plan for the games to some extent, but over the summer she did exercises with her trainer based on the national team’s disease prevention and control needs.

“We trained and improved on weak points. I jumped on the trampoline with my trainers and constantly practiced actions in the air. Then I introduced myself and imitated and then watched training videos. In this way we tried to close the distance to others as much as possible, ”she said.

“In the months ahead before the Games, I will not shy away from it and will do my best to go beyond my limits and take part in the Games with all my heart, and I hope that I can achieve a satisfactory result. That is my goal and I will now seize the moment and do my best, “she said.

“Now, with the Winter Games, the ‘Dual Olympics’ are coming. People in other countries have shown great appreciation and anticipation for it. The pandemic has certainly increased the workload and difficulty of running the Games, but the Olympics could turn out to be one completely good way, “said Liu, international sports enthusiasts who are confident that Beijing 2022 will be successful.

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