The Virginia Republicans are on fire – and Trump is on the sidelines


Donald Trump

So the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to shake up their own voters, a traditionally difficult task the party can tackle in the White House a year after its victory. Biden appeared alongside McAuliffe at a rally and put on Youngkin this week, calling him an “acolyte of Donald Trump” and calling him an extremist – who, quipped Biden, “can come with a smile and a fleece.” Former President Barack Obama is featured in television commercials that air across the state while Vice President Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams stumbled for McAuliffe in Southern Virginia.

But those high-profile pleadings may not be enough to wake voters disappointed with the marginal returns after the Democratic takeover in Washington, an electoral boredom caused by Biden’s and Democrats’ inability in Congress to set a range of campaign priorities.

The Democrats’ fiercest hope of getting Trump to show up in Virginia before election day appears to have not worked, despite the fact that the former president will be calling for a “tele-rally” on the eve of the elections, it was announced Thursday.

Public and private polls show that Republicans outperform Democrats in the interests of the race.

A Christopher Newport University poll found that 80 percent of Republicans were very enthusiastic, while 65 percent of Democrats identified themselves as such. A poll by Monmouth University that stalled the gubernatorial race found a “rift” between the two parties, with Republicans 23 points ahead in enthusiasm. And a poll by Fox News Thursday night – the race’s first poll to show Youngkin well ahead of likely voters – showed his supporters a double-digit enthusiasm advantage.

Early election analysis by TargetSmart, a Democratic data company, also shows strong turnout in early election in GOP-dominated rural counties – although it’s difficult to derive meaning from these numbers as Virginia recently changed its electoral laws, making comparisons with previous elections difficult .

“In all categories of Republicans – from those who are above Trump but remain open to Republicans to the hardcore pro-Trump voters – interest is extremely high based on all of the internal polls I’ve seen” said Zack Roday. a Republican adviser based in Richmond who works on several legislative races. “From the suburb to the suburb to the country, the enthusiasm is constant.”

Any disappointment hardcore Trump voters have felt about Youngkin, who was not seen as Trump’s most suitable option for the nomination, contradicts the reality that Virginia Republicans have not won nationwide since 2009. Or, as one Virginia Republican activist put it, “There’s no such thing as bad bread for a starving man.”

Even so, a group affiliated with Democratic advisors was still trying to drive a wedge into the party by labeling Youngkin as insufficiently conservative, Axios reported. The PAC Accountability Virginia targeted voters with digital ads, likely to drive down voter turnout.

But Williams, the Republican legislative candidate, said the party “all came together behind and on board the Youngkin train,” and conversations with voters reflect that unification.

“People say, ‘Look, he might not be your favorite, but he’s not Terry,'” said Williams. “We have to have an incredibly high turnout to make up for what’s happening in Northern Virginia, so that has resonated with the grassroots. People understand that. “

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