Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t have time for a town hall, but stars in a Halloween video with Mitt Romney



Senator Mitt Romney starred as Ted Lasso in a Halloween video that featured Senator Kyrsten Sinema avoiding and refusing to meet with her constituents.

Romney tweeted:

Cookies with the boss.

– Mitt Romney (itMittRomney) October 28, 2021

Sinema’s wrong priorities are displayed in full

Senator Sinema has outraged voters on the left and right in Arizona by refusing to meet with them or hold town halls. Sinema does have the time to star in Republicans in Halloween videos, however.

Senators who settle in the cozy Washington Senate club while ignoring the people at home will soon be out of work.

Arizona residents need the hearing of the senator chosen by the majority of them. Rather than holding town halls and meeting with voters, Sinema plays a fancy dress party with Mitt Romney while her state’s populace waits for them to vote on major infrastructure laws.

After seeing Sen. Sinema spend her time and the money she receives from her tax dollars, the Arizona Democrats must send her a message with a strong main challenger.

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