FCC bans China Telecom from operating US services


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The FCC implemented a Trump-era recommendation to ban China Telecom from operating services in the United States.

Based in Virginia, China Telecom Americas distributes mobile services targeted to Chinese Americans, tourists, and businesses.

Last April, the Justice Department recommended that the Trump administration revoke the FCC’s permits from China Telecom Americas to provide international telecommunications services to and from the United States. The department further found that China Telecom Americas is the US subsidiary of the state-owned telecommunications company of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

“Today, more than ever, the life of the nation and its people is on our telecommunications networks,” said John C. Demers, then assistant attorney general for national security.

“The security of our government and professional communications, as well as our most confidential data, depends on us employing trustworthy partners from nations who share our values ​​and our pursuit of humanity.”

In a release today, the FCC announced that it has terminated China Telecom’s license in the United States and has not been given 60 days to cease its services.

“China Telecom Americas, a US subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned company, is subject to the exploitation, influence and control of the Chinese government and will most likely be forced to comply with the Chinese government’s requirements without adequate legal process subject to independent judicial oversight,” claims the oversight FCC.

“The Chinese government’s ownership and control of China Telecom Americas increases significant national security and law enforcement risks by providing ways for China Telecom Americas, its parent companies, and the Chinese government to access, store, disrupt, and use US communications / or to misdirect. which in turn enables them to engage in espionage and other harmful activities against the United States. “

The FCC claims China Telecom has given ample opportunity but “has not refuted serious concerns.”

In a statement, FCC chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said:

“The Federal Communications Commission has long worked to open American markets to foreign telecommunications companies when it is in the public interest. These connections can make us stronger because they help share our democratic values ​​with the rest of the world.

We also recognize, however, that not all links are compatible with the national security interests of the United States. This is because some countries may try to take advantage of our openness to advance their own national interests.

If we realize this is the case and the risk cannot be reduced, we must take steps to protect the communications infrastructure that is so vital to our national security and economic prosperity. “

The FCC’s decision follows the removal of China Telecom – along with China Mobile and China Unicom – from the New York Stock Exchange in January.

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